Discussion Topics

My interests are wide and eclectic.

As a dentist, I am current with the latest advances in dentistry today and curious as to where dentistry is headed.

As a health care provider, I am concerned about how Obamacare might quickly destroy the American health care system, as we know it.  We must overturn this law.

As a parent, I am involved with, and concerned about, the educational system in this country.  We need to do a better job of instilling the will to learn and to work in the youth of America.

As a foster parent, I am curious as to why children, our future, without parents or with criminal parents are not a higher focus in our society.  Undirected or misdirected children often become criminal adults.  Criminals breed criminals.  How do we, as a society, better foster environments which create productive happy citizens?

As a citizen, I am concerned with how a faith-based nation has become so secularly directed.  This nation was grounded in Christian principles and these core tenets should not be denigrated.  Our Constitution is foundational to how our nation has grown to be a beacon of freedom to other nations.  We need to champion our Constitution, not overlook or misrepresent this anchor tenet to our democratic republic.

In my journal, I feature my reflections on life in this most amazing country.