Your Oral Health and Pet Health

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Thursday, July 21, 2011

Recently, a family pet was taken to the veterinarian for health reasons. The veterinarian did a great job, and now we won’t have unexpected puppies. While I was in the veterinarian’s reception area, I noticed a lady with obvious periodontal disease. She was concerned and conscientiously taking her little dog to the vet to be pampered and well cared for, which is great, but what about her oral health?

Why do we as humans overlook our own personal health problems, many times especially our oral health, but care for our children and pets?  I am reminded of the airline attendant on a recent flight. I’m sure you’ve heard this on a flight, “In the event of an emergency, oxygen masks will drop down from the ceiling. Place your own mask on first, and then place a mask on your child.” It is difficult to provide care to another if you are not healthy yourself.

We as parents and pet owners must care for our own health problems so we can properly care for our children and our pets. Our children will learn and follow what we as parents do. Our pets will enjoy the company of healthy masters much more than sickly or dying pet owners.

Be aware and care for your oral and general health, and then use that knowledge to care for your children and family members. Then you can all work to keep your pets healthy.

Happy smiling!
Dr. James G. Hood


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