What Do We Deserve?

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer is at its peak.  Garden vegetables and fruits are beginning to generously grace our tables.  After a long, cold spring, it’s nice to have warm days of summer in Spokane.  Sun bathing and bathing in pools and water parks are suddenly popular.  The price of gasoline may have shortened vacations, but everyone deserves to enjoy the long-awaited temperature increases.

Likewise, everyone deserves to have a smile they enjoy showing off.

Within the last week, I’ve had a gentleman in his mid-30s come to me for dental care.  He has three upper front teeth missing and multiple teeth with decay in them.  Needless to say, this very nice looking gentleman avoided smiling and was ashamed of his mouth.  Appearance can raise or lower one’s self-esteem.  In this case, our “John Doe” was daily humiliated (or so he felt) by his toothless smile.  Further complicating his situation was the fact that he had an exaggerated gag reflex and an extreme fear of dentists.  In his favor, he had most of his original set of teeth and, despite the rampant decay, his bone support was very good so his mouth was very restorable.

John Doe was interested, most of all, to get his smile back.

John Doe was so distraught he actually began to cry in the dental chair.  Because of the amount of dentistry needed in this case, we recommended oral sedation.

The advantages to this patient in using oral sedation are multiple. We can do much more work in a single sitting.  We can make him more comfortable by stopping the gag reflex.  He will not shake in fear as he did on the initial exam.  Because he’ll be much more relaxed during each dental visit, his post-operative discomfort will be drastically reduced.  And most importantly, he’ll have a new smile in just weeks, having gone years with a smile he was ashamed of.  Soon he’ll enjoy the warm weather with a new smile.

What kind of smile do you deserve?

Dr. James G. Hood

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