How to Keep Dad Around Longer

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Friday, June 17, 2011

Women are much more likely than men to seek out dental services and maintain good oral health.  With that said, encourage your dad, if he doesn’t already, to have regular dental exams to maintain his oral health.

We, as dental professionals, can restore and rehabilitate your mouth but, ultimately, it is your responsibility to take ownership of your overall health.  And I want to attempt to imprint on as many people as possible the significance of dental health, as it affects overall health.

According to the American Dental Association, approximately 70% of the United States population has some form of periodontal disease.  Two major effects of periodontal disease are inflammation and infection.  Left untreated in the human body, infection and the bacterial by-products of inflammation can be the major factors in the development of many systemic diseases.

A few diseases, which science has proven can develop from untreated infection and inflammation, are diabetes, heart disease, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic kidney disease, even toxic shock syndrome, and more and more serious diseases are added to this list literally yearly.

Likewise, when diabetic patients had their periodontal disease treated, they experienced a “marked improvement” in blood sugar levels.

What I am trying to make perfectly clear to all of you out there who are still with me:  Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health.  Take care of yourself and take care of your dad.

And don’t forget, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Happy Smiles,
Dr. James G. Hood


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