Father’s Day Reflection

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Monday, June 20, 2011

As a father, I reflect on what it means to me to be a father.  I’ve now been a “dad” for more years than not. I can’t remember or imagine not being a father.  I’m pleased and proud of what I’ve done in life and of the people I’ve befriended and the places I’ve been, of the individuals I’ve helped and those who’ve helped me.  I think of the degrees I’ve attained and the titles that have come along with them.  However, the title I enjoy most, like the great John Wayne, is “dad.”  That title, and being a dad, has brought me more joy and definitely more pain than anything I would have believed as a single man.  Being a father has made me more proud than anything in my life, and has also brought me more self-doubt than I have experienced from anything else in my life.

The pride that a father can feel for his child is the greatest pride.  Likewise, nothing can make you more humble than the wonder that accompanies how to best be the model father one wishes to be.  I often question “Did I handle that right?” These are the joys and sorrow which accompany love in any relationship.  That bond that a father has toward his daughter(s) and/or son(s) is unlike any other.  Once a father, always a father.  And somehow, when a father thinks of his child, the pains that come with this ultimate responsibility are overshadowed by the love and gratification, potently  inherent in that association.

I, as a father, do things for my kids, just as my father did many things for me, simply because they are my kids. There is no rhyme or reason why some parents love their children despite multiple indiscretions these children may have committed against their parents.  The love a parent has toward his children is virtually instinctive, and very real.

Dr. James G. Hood
or more profoundly…dad.

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