Janelle Turcotte Hired to Teach at St. John Vianney School

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hi, All. We received this news about our daughter Janelle Karina Hood Turcotte. This letter was sent out today about Janelle being hired by St. John Vianney Catholic School as the 8th grade homeroom teacher, and we are proud! Congratulations, Janelle!!

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8th Grade Teacher Update

May 17, 2011 08:00:00

By Kelly Witt

Dear St. John Vianney Families,

Over the course of the past few weeks the staff has met and discussed the applicants for the 8th grade homeroom position. The interview team consisted of Mr. Pelkie, Ms. Milne, Mr. Hartely, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Palmer, and Miss Tami.  Some key areas we were looking for in a candidate included the years of teaching experience, success with teaching 6th grade math, pre-algebra, algebra, and 7th and 8th grade science.  In addition, we were looking for someone who has experience with Gonzaga Prep’s entrance exams and honors programs.  There were many qualified candidates, however, one candidate not only met those requirements but also teaches summer school at Gonzaga Prep. After much deliberation and a unanimous vote by the team, it is with great pleasure that I announce the hiring of Janelle Turcotte as the 8th grade homeroom teacher.

Mrs. Turcotte has three years teaching experience and her previous position included teaching 7th and 8th grade science, pre-algebra and algebra. Not only does she have experience with Gonzaga Prep’s entrance exams and honors programs, she teaches Algebra I, Geometry, and science in Prep’s summer program.  Her experience teaching these key subject areas at Prep will provide our students with the best education possible in the areas of math and science.  The combination of teaching currently in the middle school as well as her teaching experience at the high school level is an excellent combination so our students will not only be prepared for high school but the programs we have in place will continue to be of the highest caliber. 

Not only is Mrs. Turcotte prepared to continue teaching your child with the highest of standards, she is enthusiastic, energetic, and will motivate the students to perform at their highest abilities. She is eager to build relationships with both the students and the families of St. John Vianney.  I know once you have the opportunity to meet her, you, too, will be blown away with her content knowledge, warm and welcoming personality, and will have trust in her ability to maintain the high standards St. John Vianney has in place. 

If you have any further questions regarding Mrs. Turcotte please feel free to talk with  myself, or any one of the committee members. 


Rick Pelkie

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Thank you to Rick Pelkie, principal of St. John Vianney School for sending out this fine letter. We are proud of our daughter Janelle.

James and Karen Hood

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