Dental Fear

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fear has no boundaries.  It can affect all types of people.  There are no age, sex, economic, or race discrimination guidelines.  Research shows that almost 30% of our population avoids going to the dentist due to fear.  My personal estimate is closer to 50%, where anxiety is the culprit for avoiding needed dental care.  When you realize that a huge segment of the population is in desperate need of help, but are too afraid to seek us out, then it is easy to see why a safe, non-judgmental, pain-free experience would be a welcome change to the anxiety-stricken patient.

It is a well-known fact that many people are often afraid to tell anyone about their fear, so they feel isolated.  If you are this person, or if you know someone like this, you must be their rock in these situations and let them know that you understand they have fear and you take it very seriously and you want to get them help.

The help is conscious oral sedation.  We can sedate people to get them relaxed and comfortable.  The patient(s) will require some premedication the night before as well as medication in the office.  Also, a companion will need to accompany the patient, who cannot drive for 24 hours.  The benefits are comfortable dental visits and fewer visits, since more dentistry can be done in less time.  And, finally, the patient will not remember the dental visits.

Ask your friend to call our office for a simple consultation.  Tell him/her that you would go with him/her if he/she wishes.  Show your friend you truly care about his/her overall health.

Make a call to (509) 928-9100 and tell Amanda your concerns.  We want to treat you and/or your friend(s) and make your visit comfortable.  We enjoy surprising people with how gentle Oral Sedation can make dental visits.  We can do more dentistry in fewer visits with Oral Sedation, and you will not remember the visit(s).  We can restore your smile safely and comfortably.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Hood

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