Dental Health and Regular Check-ups

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello Readers,

The state of the economy in this country is not good at this time.  People are cutting back in many areas.  They are spending less or going without things they would not have a few years ago.  Dental health is not an area to cut back or go without.  Dr. Mayo, of Mayo Clinic, said that the average person will extend his/her life 10 years by maintaining good oral health.  Maintenance is always cheaper than repair.

I have a brother who is a mechanic and he says that, if you check fluids regularly and change them in a timely manner, your car(s) and truck(s) will surprise you on how long they will last.

So also it is with dentistry.  Regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings will catch problems when they are small and can easily be restored.  I frequently see people who come in on an emergency basis, with abscessed teeth, swollen faces, and yes, in pain.  In questioning them, they often report that they knew they broke a tooth in the past, but it didn’t hurt and they were busy or didn’t want to spend money on a tooth that didn’t hurt.   However, once a tooth is abscessed, they also find they don’t want to hurt or have a distorted face or foul breath.

Don’t wait until a tooth needs a root canal or extraction.  See your dentist regularly and repair teeth when repair is small, inexpensive, painless, and done quickly.  Be informed about your dental health.

Keep smiling,

Dr. James G. Hood

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