Icelandic Horse For Sale!

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Friday, August 13, 2010

Fifa— (Birthday June 5, 2009) A beautiful silver dapple filly with light flaxen mane reminiscent of her grandfather and prize stallion Hugur. She stands 10 hands tall, but don’t let her small stature fool you. She is a sweet little thing with a wonderful personality like her mother, Lukka. She loves to dish out kisses, so be ready with a nice pat on the head and some oats. Her father Aspar’s excellent gaits really show through in this one year old. She has a clean tolt, excellent speed in trot, and her name, Fifa, a term for an arrow is well chosen, because with the proper training she could be something to brag about in flying pace.  Her potential in the arena is exciting, but the kids just love her personality. They love to go in the pasture and brush her mane. Stop by and see for yourself. Don’t forget an apple, that’s her favorite treat. 

Please contact Karen Hood at Mountain Valley View Farm at 509-924-8112 for more information. Thank you!!

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