Icelandic Horse for Sale!!

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Tuesday, August 17, 2010


 Kesja-(Birthday: August 13, 2008)  Translated in English, Kesja means weapon, and when I hear the word, I think of Excalibur, sharp, awe inspiring, the knights of Camelot attacking towns, and Vikings singing praises of Norse gods and sacking villages, both in a desperate quest for gold, a grail, rare treasures of any kind. And I think of Iceland: hot sulfurous veins exploding through black volcanic rock, something pure cutting through all the crap. Kesja, a 2 year old silver dapple filly stands 12 hands tall and is all of those things, well, definitely one of them, for starters, exceptionally pure. After all, silver dapple is a rare color highly valued in Iceland and the United States.  Kesja also has a beautiful white mane courtesy of her grandfather and prize stallion Hugur. Her temperament is sweet like her mother Dimma, her gaits easy recalling the sturdy air of her father Aspar—her natural 5 gaits a rarity themselves compared to other breeds. This horse, tracing its roots to the land of fire and ice is indeed legendary. 

If you would like more information about this or any other Icelandic horse for sale, please contact Karen Hood at Mountain Valley View Farm at 509-924-8112. Thank you! We look forward to matching you with the perfect Icelandic horse for you.

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