Icelandic Horse for Sale!!

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Tuesday, August 17, 2010



Glenna-(Birthday: July 6, 2008) A few days ago, thick clouds hung in the sky, water’s scent lingered in the air—a storm was brewing, but I grabbed a couple yellow plums and scurried over to the pasture to try and put words to horses. I stared at the 2 -year-old grey dapple filly in front of me, bit into the cool, sweet fruit , and put my hand on her soft muzzle. It began to sprinkle, but, Glenna, the elegant filly (I’d finally remembered her name) was trotting and tolting, leaping around playfully in the rain. I was transfixed, but I dutifully measured her height, 12 hands, and I couldn’t help but be pulled in by the simple fun of it all. I fed her the last bits of my plum as the tang stuck in my mouth, the silky touch of her mane reminding me of her grandfather and prize stallion Hugur, her gentleness reminding me of her mom, Svana, and her smooth strides, gliding on the melting pastureland like soccer in the rain (if horses could play soccer), and it seemed that her father Aspar was there himself, gleaming in the rain, sturdy hooves pounding the ground. I finished writing some notes then turned slowly back to the house despite my soaked t-shirt and jeans. As I came near the house, the clouds began to drift away and I watched (now from the comfort of my dining room window) while my sister pulled up and looked at me like I was a lunatic. Later, I found out that Glenna actually means opening in the clouds. How perfect! Words seem insufficient, but that experience, and that name, well, they can try. If you’re interested in Glenna or any other of the horses listed, please contact Karen Hood at Mountain Valley View Farms at 509-924-8112. Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

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