Icelandic Horse for Sale!!

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Friday, August 13, 2010

Please contact Karen Hood at Mountain Valley View Farms for more information. The number is 509-924-8112.

Fjola- (Birthday August 16th, 2008) When  Fjola, our chocolate filly, took her first wobbly steps under the light of a full moon, we knew that a special foal had come into the world. Her energy and strength recall the best qualities of her grandfather, the prize stallion Hugur. Standing 13 hands tall, she is two years old, a warm chocolate color, and ready to be trained for competition (her tolt is very clean. Icelanders have been known to ride horses like this, once trained, with a full glass of beer or root beer as the case may be and not spill a drop), or enjoyed as a sweet horse for the whole family.  With such a gentle disposition like her mother Dimma, and smooth gaits like her silver dapple father Aspar, our daughters were in complete agreement on the name Fjola(a rare feat I’ll have you know), but a quick glance at the English translation explains why. Fjola means violet, the delicate flower, at once beautiful and strong.

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