Sunday, June 20, 1010 – Father’s Day!

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Monday, June 21, 2010

For Father’s Day, the Hood children got up early to make crepes for me.  The family then proceeded to mass, where Mikayla and I led the mass congregation through multiple songs that we sang together.

Marissa, our second daughter, lives in Liberty Lake and just remodeled her backyard.  She had the family over to her house for Father’s Day.  Uncle Stephen and Aunt Karen joined the festivities.  Janelle and Paul flew in the night before from their vacation in Hawaii.  Along with barbecued cheeseburgers and pulled pork sandwiches, Marissa prepared multiple side dishes, watermelon, salad, chips, cookies, and delicious German chocolate cupcakes, one of my favorites.  The Hoods gathered in a smaller comfortable space, enjoying one another’s company.

After lunch the rain stopped, and everyone stepped outside to look around the newly situated garden and play games.  Hoochi ball and croquet were played, and things turned very competitive.  By the end of the visit, only three were hit by flying balls.

After spending the afternoon at Marissa’s, the Hood clan headed back home. Rhubarb from the garden was made into an excellent rhubarb crisp, directed by Kianna.  Father’s Day was great fun for all.  We thank Marissa for putting on the party.

Here are a few pictures from my special Father’s Day.

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