Frost of Spring Green

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My wife’s first poetry book, Frost of Spring Green, is currently being prepared to go to press after I edited it.  I am sharing one of the poems here for your enjoyment.

Frost of Spring Green

Frost covers the pines

with eloquent gossamer frosting,

crystalline ambience.

Yet, with this quick-freeze delicate

comes the icy anguish of

beggars on the street

and homeless people,

youth discarded, absent mothers,

fleeing fathers unable to face the

reality of the day.

Foster systems overcrowded,

home-finders stressed and calling.

Around town, snowflakes flutter to

ask if anyone has an extra bed.

Flurries blast and crystals

form to capture prisms.

Jeweled tones reflect the

new waves of

pristine snow,

hiding the weeds upright

from showing their non-white souls.

Blankets of frozen, whitewashed cotton

hide the frenzied blackness of the city’s

spirit, as the meth kitchens cook

their soup.  Frenzied druggies

make their buzz, while

tear-filled babies’ eyes cry with

total wonder, and the crank

junkies stew more highs.

Snowflakes float again

as a lactescent blanket,

an unnoticed patchwork of

stumbling stories,

abandoned adolescents,

and pillowless street people,

calico children with no beds.

Butterflies heed the warning

of the green grass of spring.

Karen Jean Matsko Hood ©2010

I urge everyone to support their local bookstores.  Please ask your local store to carry my book, or you may order  it online from Whispering Pine Press International, Inc. Bookstore or from Karen’s Bookstore.

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