Foster Care Month

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Friday, May 7, 2010


May is National Foster Care Month and it is a time to recognize the efforts of foster parents, relative caregivers, mentors, advocates, social workers and volunteers. Thanks to these unsung heroes, many formerly abused or neglected children and teens will safely reunite with their parents, be cared for by relatives, or be adopted by loving families.

However, the need is still great. There are nearly half a million children in foster care in the United States and every year in the U.S. alone, over 25,000 children AGE OUT of the foster system with no family to belong to and no place to call home. The following are ways that you can get involved (provided by Saddleback Church):

O pen your heart to orphans: Understand God’s heart for the orphan. He cares for them and expects us to care as well.

R ecognize your responsibility: Every person can care for a child who is vulnerable or orphaned in practical ways both locally and globally. Become involved in an orphan-care ministry in your church.

P revent children from becoming orphans: Advocate for children. Prevent children from becoming orphans by offering care and treatment of mothers, fathers, and children who are living with HIV.

H elp in practical ways: Offer relief, food, and clothing but don’t stop there. Focus on family-based, church-initiated solutions which are sustainable and wholistic emphasizing education and community development.

A ccept orphans into families: Work toward solutions which allow children to grow in families—not just homes or institutions. Promote adoption and permanency as God’s idea for the health, growth, and healing of a child.

N ever forget the church: The local church via the family is God’s answer for the orphan. Create partnerships with churches worldwide, encouraging the local church to own and direct orphan-care efforts.

Visit the National Foster Care Month Website for more ways to get involved in the lives of youth in foster care.

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