Fostering Families Magazine Celebrates 10 Years

posted by Dr. James G. Hood
Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fostering Families Today

Nation’s Premier Foster Care Magazine Celebrates 10 Years of Service

April 1, 2010

(Windsor, Colo.) — In April, Fostering Families Today magazine will celebrate 10 years of publishing its nationally distributed foster family magazine. Founded in 1990 by publisher Richard Fischer, Fostering Families Today was launched to provide foster parents with up-to-date, quality information to help them navigate America’s foster care system, something Fischer felt was lacking in other foster parent resources.

“Fostering Families Today is an excellent professionals development tool for foster parents,” said foster parent trainer Mary Goodearle. “Today’s foster parents need more information and training than what their licensing agencies are able to provide. FFT provides a wide range of information that helps foster parents function at their best. The topics provided are truly at the heart of what foster families must deal with in their daily lives.”

Each issue provides readers with parenting information from experts tailored to meet the unique needs of those parenting children who have experienced abuse and neglect. With columns addressing national legislation to a parent advice column, Fostering Families Today is a one-of-a-kind publication, designed with the needs of foster parents in mind. In addition, foster care alumni and current foster parents share their personal journeys, providing a unique glimpse of lives touched by foster care.

“FFT is the only national foster care magazine that combines professional articles with personal stories from foster children and their parents,” said psychologist James Kenny, Ph.D. “It’s a beacon for encouragement and support, and motivation to improve the system. I look forward to my copy every other month.

Fostering Families Today will mark its 10th year with the May/June issue that will also celebrate National Foster Care Month. With articles from professionals such as Massachusetts Foster Parent Ombudsman John Bertulis to veteran parents Sarah Gerstanzang, the issue will highlight some of the best qualities in the magazine.

“The last 10 years have been an incredible journey,” Fischer said. “When we started this publication our goal was to put this resource in the hands of every foster parent in this country. We haven’t yet reached that goal, but I have to believe it’s on the horizon because there’s no other resource that delves as deeply as FFT into what these amazing parents, children and families need.”

To reserve your copy, call 888-924-6736 or order online at Publisher Richard Fischer is available for interviews by writing to or by calling 888-924-6736. In addition, long-time editor Kim Phagan-Hansel is available for interviews by writing to

Additional Endorsements Include:

Center For Family Connections is, among other things, a clinic. Every day about 30-50 families and kids hang out in the waiting room and thumb through our magazines. This is one that often gets dog-eared from being read and reread! Congrats on being ten. Double Digits! — Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao, Founder of the Center For Family Connections

Fostering Families Magazine has been wonderful and informative both in news and resources to assist foster families in often the struggles they face in the foster care system. I appreciate a job well done.

Betty Hastings, Tennessee Foster/Adoptive Parent

Fostering Families Today is a wonderful resource to those of us working with foster families. Not only does it have very helpful and useful information for families and caseworkers alike, but it gives that information from a wide variety of perspectives. I enjoy reading each issue. — Jane Looney, Larimer County Department of Human Services Kinship and Foster Care Supervisor

Fostering Families provides an essential resource for all of us who have children in our care,in our caseloads,and/or are committed to the development and support of foster parents and kinship caregivers.

This is the first publication I have written for where I actually get letters from foster parent and social worker colleagues about what I wrote.

Being able to share articles at workshops, trainings, and keynotes is an excellent resource for information sharing.

Fostering Families is a special publication for my social work students. One, who works in foster care for a public agency, has started subscribing, and another has had research from her thesis on kinship care already published. This next generation of child welfare professionals appreciates how timely and well-presented the articles are.

The professional team at Fostering Families, Editor Kim Hansel and Publisher Richard Fischer – are true collaborators who make it a pleasure and privilege to write for them. — Eileen Mayers Pasztor, DSW, Associate Professor for the Department of Social Work at California State University, Long Beach (Dr. Pasztor is a social worker and foster/adoptive parent)

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